【Japanese tanks】 Know Japanese Tanks During World War II-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Introduces Japanese tanks during-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Introduces Japanese tanks during World War II.
Japanese tanks are basically weak.
Compared with the Soviet Union and German tanks …
That is because Japanese tanks are made to support infantry.
When World War II began,
Japanese soldiers did not even imagine the tank
battle that took place on the Eurasian continent.
The main battlefields of the Japanese army are the communist guerrillas of
mainland China and the remote islands of Nan Taiping.As a result,
the tanks were small and lightweight.
At the same time,
the Japanese army at that time had strong naval authorities,
and had a structure in which technology and resources did not go to the


【The Tank Museum】

The experience of this failure is used by the current Self-Defense Forces.
Japan today is an island country,
but has deployed a large number of mobile tanks.
Japan’s Ministry of Finance has reduced its budget to reduce the number of
deployments where no tanks are needed.


【US Army Training Film 1944】

Japanese tanks were forced to struggle by US opponents in the South
And in the Chinese continent, it was destroyed by a blow to Soviet tanks.
the current Self-Defense Forces have strong tanks.


【SDF tank】

The SDF is the Japanese defense force.
Japan is prohibited by the Constitution from possessing troops.
The SDF is not an army.



【WWII japanische Armeepanzer】

Japanische Panzer hatten im Zweiten Weltkrieg viele Schwächen und
wurden in einem Schuss von amerikanischen und sowjetischen Panzern
Der Grund ist, dass japanische Panzer zur Unterstützung der Infanterie
entwickelt und hergestellt wurden.

Бывший танк японской армии

Японские танки имели много недостатков во
Второй мировой войне и были уничтожены в
один выстрел американскими и советскими
Причина в том, что японские танки были
разработаны и изготовлены для поддержки

【Chars japonais japonais】

Les chars japonais avaient de nombreuses faiblesses pendant la Seconde
Guerre mondiale et ont été détruits en un seul coup par des chars
américains et soviétiques.
La raison en est que les chars japonais ont été
conçus et fabriqués pour soutenir l’infanterie.


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