【Japanese Sweets】Mysterious American Woman Eats Sweets at Japanese Family Restaurant-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Japanese family restaurant-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Mysterious American woman eats sweets at Japanese family restaurant.
Late-night Japan is as safe as in urban areas.
Late-night Japan is as safe as in urban areas.
You witness a shocking sight in Japan.


【Japanese SWEETS】

Two people give sweets in late-night Japan.
The characteristics of Japanese sweets are small in quantity.
But the quality is good.
And sweetness is modest.
In the middle of the night,
I talk to a man at a Japanese family restaurant with my friend.
This is the pleasure of life.
Family restaurant in the world?
An exciting big city?
Rich nature?
Indifferent Consumers …
Would you like to face your life in late-night Japan?



Japanische Süßigkeiten

Amerikanische Frauen essen Süßigkeiten in einem Late-Night-Familienrestaurant.

Bonbons japonais

Les femmes américaines mangent des sucreries dans un restaurant familial ouvert
tard dans la nuit.

Японские сладости

Американские женщины едят сладости в ночном
семейном ресторане.