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Americans are Shocked -Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Americans are shocked!
Americans are shocked!
The American was shocked!
Unlike America,
a Christian country,
Japan is tolerant of alcohol.
In Japan, you can taste Sake,
Local Beer, shochu(焼酎) and other liquors.
In this video,
an American woman enjoys Japanese sake in Tokyo.
In Japan’s urban areas,
there are many taverns where you can drink alcohol freely.
Japanese people drink at such taverns while talking about the company’s bad words
and dissatisfaction with society.However,
the price of sake is higher in Japan than in the United States.
drinking in Japan is delicious.
Japanese also enjoy sake and food.



At Japanese taverns,
you can enjoy sake made from rice,
shochu(焼酎) made from wheat and sweet potato.
Shochu has many ways to drink.
And shochu is sake that is compatible with
sashimi, tempura, cutlets, and Japanese food.
Why don’t you come to Japan and drink alcohol?
And shochu is also compatible with citrus fruits.
There are many ways to enjoy hot water, rock, soda and so on.
If you have any troubles,
let’s travel around Japan alone.