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【Russian Secret Tank】Russia’s Latest Sharp Tank-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
Russia's latest sharp tank-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

It is the largest continent nation on earth.
It is a state-of-the-art tank that protects such Russia.
news that surprises the world has been released.
What a tank with a toilet installed was developed and deployed.
“Almarta”, a tank with a toilet,
is the only post-war 3rd generation tank in the world!


【Армата» ведет огонь】

Russia’s newest sharp tank that changes the world! A toilet is also set up.
Can US tanks beat Russian tanks?
Americans do not know the scariness of Russians.
In addition,
bakers are installed in French tanks.
It was the best joke.



Char russe

Le nouveau char d’assaut russe qui change le monde!
Des toilettes sont également aménagées.

Russischer Panzer

Russlands neuester scharfer Panzer,
der die Welt verändert! Eine Toilette ist ebenfalls eingerichtet.



Последний в России острый танк

В самом последнем российском остром танке
установлен туалет Земля России огромна.