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Visitors From Aliens-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

In this video,
A mysterious flying object is flying in the sky.
This flying object was shot on September 3, 2018 in a rural town of Perrysville,
Ohio. Is this flying object?
According to Scott Walling of UFO Graduate School,
this is not an artifact.And,
according to Mr. Walling’s calculation,
this flying object is larger than the Boeing 747 jet,
and may have a width of 60 meters or more.


Ohio Secret

This mysterious flying object seems to have been subjected to optical camouflage.
So hard to find!
This mysterious flying object has three tails, not two.
Its shape is not a stealth fighter.
Something is hidden in the state of Ohio in the United States.



【UFO in den USA gesehen】

Dies ist ein Video eines UFO, das in Ohio, USA, gesehen wurde.

OVNI témoin aux États-Unis

Ceci est une vidéo d’un OVNI vu en Ohio, USA.

НЛО был свидетелем в США

Это видео НЛО, свидетелем которого является штат Огайо, США.