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【Russian Secret Weapon】 Russia’s Secret Weapon that US Forces Shake-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Russian Military Secret Weapons-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Do you know the first weapon in the world that killed a person?
Is it a bomb?
Nuclear bomb?
Or …
The name of the weapon is AK-47.
AK-47 killed many people in the world. And,
the Russian army succeeded in making this AK-47 drone.


AK-47 Drone

Is the AK-47 drone a weapon aimed at the assassination of key figures in the world?
Can this special attack weapon be prevented from THAAD and Patriot missiles?
There is no way to prevent bullets shot from the sky.
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This article has been published in the popular version of the popular Sun paper net.

「TOP GUN Russia invents terrifying ‘flying AK-47’ by strapping machine guns to drones for ‘aerial drive-bys’」

AK-47 flying in the sky is a spooky weapon.