【New Age】Prepare for the Revolution! Is Humanity Free From Labor?-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
Humanity Prepares for the Revolution-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Prepare for the Revolution!The day when humanity is released from labor is
Artificial intelligence and robot development are both wheels of the tire.
development is progressing in both software and hardware.
it is us humans who are stopping this progress.
But the revolution does not stop.
We must create a new era for our offspring.


【Introducing Handle】

Don’t stop this progress.


【Handle Robot Reimagined for Logistics】

They are now trying to have intelligence and physicality.
The human race is approaching the day of liberation from labor.
If humanity is freed from labor,
everyone will be able to approach the world of God.



【Le progrès ne s’arrête jamais】

Préparez-vous à la révolution!
Ne pas arrêter ce progrès.
Soyez témoin d’une nouvelle ère!

【Neues Zeitalter】

Bereiten Sie sich auf die Revolution vor!
Stoppen Sie nicht diesen Fortschritt. Erleben Sie eine neue Ära!

【Новый век】

Приготовьтесь к революции!
Не останавливайте этот прогресс.
Станьте свидетелем новой эры!