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【The World’s Largest Aquarium】Go to Kyoto Aquarium!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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The Best Aquarium-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Do you know?
That there is an aquarium in Kyoto, Japan.
There is no sea in Kyoto City where there are many shrines and temples.
there is an aquarium at Kyoto Station in Kyoto City.
This aquarium is close to Kyoto Station, with many people coming on weekdays and
It is a sober aquarium,
but there are also dolphins.
If you go to Kyoto, let’s go to Kyoto Aquarium.


Kyoto Aquarium /1

There are dolphins in Kyoto Aquarium.
And there are fish in the Sea of ​​Japan.
There are also fish from Lake Biwa,
Japan’s oldest lake. You will be shocked when you go to the Kyoto Aquarium.


Kyoto Aquarium / 2

You become a Japanese wolf.
You go to Kyoto!
Japan is really the best country.
temple, gourmet,
Mt. Hiei, Lake Biwa,
Kyoto Aquarium, Kyoto Railway Museum, Torii …
You are coming to Japan! If you come to Japan,
Your life will change.

Kyoto Aquarium

You hurry to Kyoto!
You can also see salamanders.
I can change my life.
The place is Kyoto Aquarium.