【Spring Japan】Enjoy Japanese Spring-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Enjoy Japanese Spring-Tokyo Fortune Telling-
The Soul World

Enjoy Japanese Spring!
In Japan’s spring, you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing of cherry blossoms.
In Japan’s urban areas,
scenes of killing are spread.
cherry blossoms are planted everywhere.
When spring comes,
the Japanese perform a party under the cherry blossoms.
That’s Hanami.
Put a blue sheet and drink alcohol.
It is considered a vulgar culture,
and many people do not like hanami.
Japan’s corporate culture in particular checks up-and-down relationships within the
organization through such Hanami.
In short,
Japanese Hanami witnessed by foreigners visiting Japan is not natural
Hanami is originally a noble culture.
It was a culture that generals who control each area enjoy cherry blossoms on their
own site.
modern-day Japanese Hanami has become a vulgar drinking party without
formalism and culture.
the heart that loves spring flowers is alive.
If you are having a Hanami in Japan,
let’s observe the behavior of Japanese people on holiday nights and places covered
with blue sheets.
You can witness a lie, a flattering, a la carte, a hierarchy,
and a party that no one enjoys.