【Dog is My Friend】Siberian Husky Dog ​​Taking a Bath-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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The Dog is a Friend-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

This video is a Siberian Husky Dog ​​taking a bath.
Dogs are animals that love warm baths.
The dog is pleased when taking a bath.
If you want to build a relationship with your dog,
take a bath in the dog.
The Siberian Husky Dog ​​that appears in this video is kept in a high-rise apartment
in a large Japanese city.
n Japan,
the number of people buying large dogs is decreasing because of the prolonged


【Siberian Husky Dog ​​Taking a Bath

I feel good! It is said.
The dog’s life is determined by the owner.



【Plaisir du Husky Sibérien】

Chien husky sibérien prend un bain.

【Vergnügen des Sibirischen Huskys】

Siberian Husky Hund nimmt ein Bad.

【Удовольствие сибирской хаски】

Собака сибирской хаски принимает ванну.