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Have you decided your travel destination? Let’s go to Japan!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Let's go to Japan if we get lost in life-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Let’s go to Japan if you are lost in your travel destination!
Japan is an interesting country. Japan’s land is small, but each region is
Hokkaido, Akita,
Nagoya, Kanazawa, Kyoto,
Osaka, Hiroshima, Takanosan, Hakata …
You can get to these areas by train or by plane.
If you use the Shinkansen, high-speed bus,
conventional lines, planes and ferries,
you can travel all over Japan within 12 hours.
We do not have trouble in accommodation place.
There are many business hotels, ryokans, lodgings and accommodations.
In addition, it is safe to go home in Japan.
If you’re going to be staying,
let’s sleep next to the police box.
If you go to the convenience store,
you can eat freshly fried chicken and ice cream. Coffee is also delicious.
If you are lost in life,
let’s get lost in Japan for weeks, months.
Japan is a kingdom of God with the Emperor at the top.
Rich mountains,
rich seas,
rich nature and exciting big cities coexist.
If you bring a tent, you can camp.
There is also a campsite in the coastal area of ​​Tokyo.
Why don’t you stare at life in Japan?
Food is also delicious.
if you are white you are also good at Japanese.
Some Japanese women like only white men.
You are coming to Japan!
Did you book a ticket?
Japan is waiting for you.