【Vegetarian crazy】Japanese luxury Japanese beef! Kobe beef!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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You hurry to Japan-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Japanese Wagyu with vegetarian angry! Kobe beef is the representative beef in Japan.

There are many delicious beef in Japan.

Short horn cattle in Hokkaido, Maesawa beef, Miyazaki beef, Omi beef!

And Kobe beef!The characteristic of these luxury Wagyu beef is its fragrance and the

softness of the meat. These Japanese beef cattle are too expensive for Japanese

people and can not be eaten.European meat is very hard.


Japanese Wagyu in Japan has been growing softly since old times because of the

elders of Kanmon.

The Japanese Wagyu produced obsession with the flesh of the old people.

Japanese high-grade Wagyu be eaten even in dentures.

It is really soft and delicious.

This is Japan’s unique meat culture not found in Western carnivorous culture.

*Wagyu(和牛 / Japanese cattle)

【Real Kobe beef】

Real Kobe beef teppanyaki Steak Land restaurant Kobe, Hyogo, Japan

Beef is more quality than quantity.

You came to Japan soon!

【Kobe Beef in Kobe】

Kobe Beef in Kobe, Japan – April 19th 2010 – 02/02

You came to Japan! Buy a ticket now! Japan welcomes you.

If you watch this video, vegetarians will go crazy.







【Wagyu de haute qualité】

Ich esse Kobe-Rind,

das beste Rindfleisch in Japan.

Neben dem Kobe-Rindfleisch gibt es in Japan viele leckere japanische


【Wagyu de haute qualité】

Je mange du bœuf de Kobé,

le meilleur bœuf du Japon.

Il y a beaucoup de bœuf japonais savoureux délicieux en plus du bœuf Kobe au Japon.

【Хорошая говядина】

Я ем говядину Кобе,

которая является лучшей

говядиной в Японии.

Есть много японской

говядины вкусно,

кроме говядины Кобе в Японии.