【Australians Get Shocked】Eat in Japan and Drink Alcohol-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Australians are shocked in Japan.-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Australians who came to Japan are shocked.

The dishes cooked in front of you will appear one after another.

Shiver to Japanese taverns.Eat delicious ingredients,

delicious sake!

The Australians are shocked.

Meet the real thing in Japan!

Robert De Niro, not heap burn! (ROBATA-YAKI)

【Australians get shocked】

老舗の炉端焼き!オーストラリア人カップルが食す!/ Japanese traditionla grilled dishes!

A couple of Australians were shocked in Japan,

they can not return to their own country any longer!

Let’s go to Japan if you are also an Australian!

Robata-Yaki is Hokkaido ‘s delicious.

Hokkaido’s oven baked is rich in seafood and delicious anyway!






【Japanischer Grill】

Australier in Japan sind geschockt.

Sie genießen das Hentai-Yaki! Grill im japanischen Stil! Es ist gut!

【Barbecue japonais】

Les Australiens au Japon sont sous le choc.

Ils apprécient le hentai-yaki! Barbecue à la japonaise! C’est bon!

【Японское барбекю】

Австралийцы в Японии в шоке.

Им нравится хентай-яки!

Барбекю в японском стиле! Это хорошо!