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【Canadians Get shocked】Canadians Eat Japanese Rot Sushi-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
Canadians Get Shocked-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

A Canadian woman who came to Japan for sightseeing is shocked.

They are ascended as they eat Japanese sushi.

Japanese sushi is made by collaboration between AI and robot.

Rotational sushi is a Japanese fast food.


the high-class sushi rice is fresh and the fish is delicious.

Why do not you come to Japan and eat sushi made by robot cooks?

【Canadians lose their words】

【元気寿司】カナダ人女子が初回転寿司にビックリ!/ Genki Sushi, conveyor belt sushi in Tokyo!

You came to Japan too! Japan welcomes Canadians.

If you want to eat with a Japanese sushi rush,

“Triton” is recommended.


did you prepare air tickets?

Riding sushi waiting in Japan is waiting.

A country where you meet! Japan.

【加拿大人吃 】



【Kanadier werden geschockt】

Der Kanadier ist von japanischem Sushi beeindruckt.

Japanisches Sushi ist weltweit führend.

【Les Canadiens sont choqués】

Le Canadien est impressionné par les sushis japonais.

Les sushis japonais à la pointe du monde.

【Канадцы шокированы】

Канадец впечатлен японскими суши.

Японские суши идут в авангарде мира