【Get lost in life】If You Get Lost-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Japan is waiting for you-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

If you get lost in life in twenties, come to Japan!

If you are a man you are motivated for a Japanese woman.


if you are a woman you can have an intense intercultural experience.

We will accept Japanese,

Westerners comfortably.

There is no work?

There are many English conversation work in Japan.

The rent in Japan is expensive but it is better than my unemployed position in my



there are many foreigners in Japan.

If you come to Japan you can be friends with non-Japanese.

Japan is an interesting country.

If you are Westerners you will not discriminate in Japan.


in Japan,

black people are also motivated.

Will not you come to Japan and change your life?

Japan is waiting for you.

Japan is left to you.


if you respect Japanese people and Japanese culture,

you can become a celebrity in Japan.

You can be a celebrity like Patrick Harlan,

Jason David Danielson or Natalie Emmons.

Come to Japan!

You should not be a loser!

You abandon everything and come to Japan!