【Fishing culture in Japan】Fishing in the Mountains of Japan-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Fishing in the mountains of Japan-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Fish fish in the mountains of Japan.

A mysterious man who loves solitude fishes fish in the mountains of Japan.

The fish to be caught is a fish such as a rock fish.

The mountain in Japan is deep.

Japan is an island of volcanoes.


the mountain is high and the flow of the river is fast.

【Fish in the mountains】

渓流釣り(イワナ・ヤマメ) 逃した魚は…リベンジ!part1

The Japanese mountain heals a lonely man.

Christ healed humanity. And the streams of Japan heal lonely man.

Loneliness loves guys and men love solitude.



【Angeln in den Bergen】

Ein einsamer Mann in den Bergen.

Die Natur in Japan ist reich.

【Pêche en montagne】

Un homme seul pêchant dans les montagnes.

La nature au Japon est riche.

【Рыбалка в горах】

Одинокий мужчина,

рыбалка в горах.

Природа в Японии богата.