【Train model】How to make a Dam or a Lake-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Model of the railroad model-Tokyo Fortune Telling

In this video,

we introduce how to make a dam and a lake that make the model model diorama


Use special resin to make a diorama for a railroad model.

【Train Model Layout 】

【超簡単】湖・池の作り方 鉄道模型レイアウト【Nゲージ】

Various railroad models and tools for diorama are sold in Japan.

Let’s also come to Japan and buy a railroad model tool.

In the meantime I will also make a mountain.

【Make a Mountain】

【超簡単】鉄道模型レイアウト 山の作り方 パート① 【Nゲージ】
【超簡単】鉄道模型レイアウト 山の作り方パート②【Nゲージ】

Let’s run the railroad by making mountains, dams and lakes.