【Gorgeous】The Essence of Japanese Food! A World of Sashimi!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Eat Pleasure Japanese Sashimi-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

I eat fished fish swimming in a beautiful sea.

Sashimi is the way to eat popular fish in coastal areas of Japan.

It is better to eat fish a little after going to bed in the refrigerator.


it is how to eat sashimi of Japanese people to kill and eat freshly fished fresh items.

Especially eating living fish is exquisite.

The meat is soft and eats with soy sauce and wasabi.

These can be eaten at accommodation facilities in the port town of Japan etc.

Westerners assume that sashimi is a cruel way of eating.

But the same thing is to eat anything.

So, you can eat delicious.

If you eat sashimi with good freshness you can not eat luxury Japanese food in New


【Premium Sashimi】

刺身 盛り付け 刺身切り方

Fresh fish is good for your health.

Westerners can live longer if they stop carnivorism.

【Eat live fish 】


It is the best if fish are alive.

Basically Sashimi only eats saltwater fish.

I will not fish all the fish.

You abandon your stereotypes.

And get back the passion for eating!

A delicious fish is waiting for you in Japan.













【Sashimi ist gut 】

In Japan essen wir rohe Fische der Frische.

Tragen Sie Wasabi und Sojasauce und essen Sie lecker.

Essen Sie frischen Fisch live.

Das ist die Freude der Japaner.

In der Küstenregion Japans esse ich solche Fische.

Jetzt lass uns auch essen.

【Le plaisir de sashimi】

Au Japon,

mangez du poisson frais en direct.

C’est le plaisir des Japonais.

Dans la zone côtière du Japon,

je mange ce poisson. Maintenant, mangeons aussi.

Sashimi est frais.

Quoi qu’il en soit,

mangeons des sashimi de poisson vivant au Japon.

【Удовольствие сашими】

В Японии едят свежую рыбу живьем.

Это удовольствие японцев.

В прибрежной зоне Японии я ем такую ​​рыбу.

Теперь давайте также поесть.