【Military Power of the World】 Japanese Army Winter Training-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Japanese Tank Division-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

There is no army in Japan.


in Japan there is a Self Defense Force that is based on the military.

The SDF is refined.

Especially the Ground Self Defense Force which defends Hokkaido which is the

northernmost tip of Japan,

trains on a daily basis with Russia as a virtual enemy country.

The Tank of the Ground Self Defense Force is strong.

It is because we reflect on the Japanese army who did not utilize tanks before the war.

Life will not be saved if targeted by a Self Defense Force tank.

They are training everyday.

【January 2019, winter thermal exercises】

陸上自衛隊第7師団 実弾射撃 冬季訓練(2019年1月、北海道大演習場島松地区)

They will train Russia as a virtual enemy country.

The SDF is defending from islands in Okinawa to frozen ground in Hokkaido.







Die Elite-Panzerdivision der Self Defense Force,

die Japan schützt,

hat in Hokkaido trainiert.

Die Feinde ihrer Feinde sind Russland.

Selbstverteidigungspanzer zermalmen Gegner mit einem einzigen Schlag.

【Exercice d’hiver SDF】

La division de chars d’élite de la Self Force, chargée de la protection du Japon,

s’est entraînée à Hokkaido.

Les ennemis de leurs ennemis sont la Russie.

Les tanks Self Defense Force écrasent les ennemis d’un seul coup.

【SDF зимние упражнения】

Элитная танковая дивизия Сил самообороны,

которая охраняет Японию, провела тренировки

на Хоккайдо. Враги их врагов – Россия.

Танки Силы самообороны сокрушают врагов

одним ударом.

Япония всегда получает давление со стороны