【Swiss Shock】Swiss People Eat Luxury Grilled Meat in Japan-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Eat Japanese Wagyu in Japan-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Swiss people eat luxury grilled meat in Japan!

Japanese grilled meat is high quality.

In particular, Wagyu(Japanese cattle) has fragrance and meat is soft.

Unlike Westerners,

Japanese do not know how to eat beef.

That is because in Japan there was no culture to eat beef for a long time.


after World War II,

the culture of many smugglers entering Japan and eating beef from the Korean


which had been delegated from the international community,

became popular.

The Japanese barbecue culture comes from the Korean Peninsula.

And after the war,

livestock of Wagyu began to become active along with popularization of carnivorous



the Japanese barbecue is delicious.

Especially in Tokyo and Osaka which is a major city of Japan,

there are many high-grade grilled meat restaurants operated by Koreans in Japan.

There, you can eat premium Wagyu beef.

Even Japanese people can not enter these restaurants.

When you come to Japan, please eat Japanese grilled meat.

【Japanese Wagyu Beef】

銀座でスイス人と旨過ぎ和牛焼肉ランチ! / Japanese Wagyu Beef

It is a fine restaurant,

but meat is baked by myself.

There are many delicious foods in Japan.

【日本豪华烤肉店 】







【Magasin de viande grillé de luxe japonais】

Les Suisses mangent du bœuf japonais dans un magasin de viande grillé de luxe


Les Wagyu japonais au Japon sont vraiment délicieux.

【Japanischer Luxus gegrillte Fleischerei】

Schweizer essen japanisches Rindfleisch im japanischen Luxus-Fleischladen.

Japanisches Wagyu in Japan ist wirklich lecker.

【Японская вагю в японии】

Швейцарцы едят японскую говядину в японском

магазине мяса на гриле.

Японские вагю в Японии действительно