【Air Force of the World】 Russian Air Force’s T-50 fly in the sky!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Russian Air Force Stealth Fighter-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Russian Air Force’s T-50 fly in the sky!

The T – 50 is the state – of – the – art fighter boasted by the Russian Air Force.

Aircraft performance of the T – 50 is above the US made fighter plane.

The T-50 is lower in stealth performance than F-22,

but its attack performance is higher than F-22.

With this video,

you can enjoy the performance of T-50 and pilot’s skills.

Russia is truly a terrible country.

【T-50 flying in the sky】

Russian fighter aircraft oppose gravity and challenge America.

The Russians’ uniqueness and advanced nature are the best in the world.



T – 50是一架针对F – 22的战斗机。俄罗斯空军很可怕。

【T-50 voler dans le ciel】


un chasseur russe de premier plan volant dans le ciel.

La Russie déploie des avions de combat furtifs.

Cet avion de chasse peut combattre le F-22 américain.

【T-50 fliegen in den Himmel】


ein führendes russisches Kampfflugzeug,

das in den Himmel fliegt.

Russland hat Stealth Fighter eingesetzt.

Dieses Kampfflugzeug kann die US-amerikanische F-22 bekämpfen.

【Т-50 летать в небе】

Т-50, ведущий российский истребитель,

летящий в небе.

Даже в XXI веке мощь воздушного боя России