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【American Shock】Eat Sashimi in Japan. Fresh Fish is Delicious!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Americans are Shocked-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Do you know sashimi?

Sashimi is to eat raw fresh fish.

For Westerners,

basically they do not eat fish raw.


in Japan,

there has been a culture of eating seafood fresh from the past.

In the sea of ​​Japan,

the current of the tide is fast,

the sea water is cold, there are few bad parasites.

Therefore, at the coastal part of Japan,

I have eaten fish raw.

And after the war,

Japanese people outside the coastal area also began eating raw fish with the spread

of refrigerators and the advancement of refrigeration technology.

Sashimi has become established as a meal of Japan unexpectedly.

Sashimi is the freshness of life.

For this reason,

delicious Japanese restaurants are purchasing fresh fish.

Sashimi to eat with mountain au and soy sauce is the best taste.


there are many people who are not good at Japanese sashimi. In particular,

women often dislike raw fish. In addition,

the Japanese who live in the mountains also have a strong tendency to hate sashimi.

【Eat Sashimi / 刺し身】

【魚真】シリコンバレーから来た外国人カップルが刺身に感動!Amazing Sashimi and Griled Fish!

If you want to eat sashimi in Japan,

let’s go to a Japanese restaurant that brings out fresh fish.

And let ‘s eat with delicious sake.

【美国人吃生鱼片 】






【Manger des sashimi】

Les Américains mangent des sashimis au Japon.

Les Japonais mangent du poisson cru avec fraîcheur.

Délicieux restaurant de cuisine japonaise a délicieux sashimi.

【Iss Sashimi】

Amerikaner essen Sashimi in Japan.

Japaner essen rohen Fisch mit Frische.

Köstliches japanisches Essen Restaurant hat köstliche Sashimi.

【Ешьте сашими】

Американцы едят сашими в Японии.

Японцы едят сырую рыбу со свежестью.

Вкусный ресторан японской кухни имеет

вкусные сашими.