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【People’s Liberation Army Marching】Watch the March of the Chinese Army-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Military parade of People's Liberation Army-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

This video is a military parade of the People’s Liberation Army held in July 30, 2019.

In 2019,it was the year when the People’s Liberation Army was founded for 90 years.

The modernization of the People’s Liberation Army is remarkable,

especially the Army has the same power as other developed countries.

The People’s Liberation Army is an army-based army.

However,recently the navy has become a powerful force.

However,the Army has power in the People’s Liberation Army.

Modernization of the military involves restructuring of soldiers.

As a result,in China,soldiers who were dismissed during the modernization of the People’s Liberation Army became dissatisfied molecules.

This has become a serious social problem.

However,the modernization of the People’s Liberation Army continues.

【 2019 / China military parade 】

The People’s Liberation Army is strongly aware of the US Army.

They are transitioning from quantity to quality military force.




【Военный парад】

Ce défilé militaire a eu lieu en 2019.

La modernisation de l’Armée populaire de libération de la Chine est remarquable.

【Военный парад】

Diese Militärparade wurde 2019 abgehalten.

Die Modernisierung der Volksbefreiungsarmee Chinas ist bemerkenswert.

【Военный парад】

Этот военный парад состоялся в 2019 году.

Модернизация Народно-освободительной

армии Китая замечательна.