【Reconstruction of the Japanese Navy】Japanese Navy Fleet Congregation-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Once the Japanese navy wandering around the Pacific Ocean.


after losing the war with the United States,

Japan does not have an army.


Japanese patriots have not given up.

They are rebuilding the glorious Japanese Navy.

The ships are now gathered.

This movie is a secret movie that leaked from stakeholders of the Japanese


【Reconstruction of the Japanese Navy】

They have scratched the eyes of the Allied observations and put efforts into rebuilding

the fleet.

After going through the test sailing,

we aim for the ocean where we can enter the fighting cloud.





【Wiederaufbau der Flotte】

Der Wiederaufbauplan der japanischen Marine ist im Bau,

streng geheim. Dieses Video ist das oberste Geheimnis Japans.

【Reconstruction de la flotte】

Le plan de reconstruction de la marine japonaise est en construction,

top secret. Cette vidéo est le top secret du Japon.

【Реконструкция флота 】

План восстановления японского флота

находится в стадии разработки,

совершенно секретно.

Это видео совершенно секретно для Японии.