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【The Invasion Proceeds】We need to Prepare for the Invasion from Outer Space-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Invasion Begins-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

This is not a legal conversation.

Enemy invasion begins on a global scale.

Each country is reinforcing arms.

The enemy is a strong enemy.

“Even though the threat from the universe is approaching, it is not the case that the world’s two largest military powers are struggling”

This is the word of Gorbachev who led the Soviet Union to Russia.


countries doing space development do not recognize this fact.

But the threat is approaching that point. Mankind must focus on wisdom and have a

scientific spirit.

【What If An Alien Threat】

If humanity cooperates,

we will be able to overcome this enemy.

They can move between stars.

And possesses powerful energy weapons.

Do you believe?





【Invasion de l’espace】


L’UE doit également se préparer à l’invasion depuis l’espace.

【Invasion aus dem Weltall】

Verfügt die Bundeswehr über Rüstungen, mit denen Eindringlinge aus dem Weltall

angreifen können?

【Вторжение из космоса】

Если эта история правдива,

в одной только России нет врагов этому врагу.

Россия должна выпустить свою информацию.

И нам нужно иметь сильные вооружения.