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【Japanese Gourmet】I Eat Sushi at a Japanese Sushi Restaurant for Masses.-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
Eat at a Japanese Sushi Restaurant-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

A mysterious Frenchman enters a Japanese sushi shop.

This sushi bar is a sushi shop for the masses,

and the price is affordable.

For delicious sushi,

fresh fish is necessary.

A fresh fish is a fish that can be eaten raw.

There are various kinds of sushi.

By the way,

what do the tourists from this foreign country eat Japanese sushi?

【I Enter a Japanese Sushi Restaurant 】

海外の寿司との違いに驚愕!外国人カップルが寿司を爆食!/ Weird and Great Sushi Experience!

This sushi bar is a sushi shop in Tokyo.

People in Tokyo often eat sushi from the Edo period.

In addition,

this sushi bar has not served sushi which has flourished for foreigners.



【Bar à sushi japonais】

Un mystérieux touriste français entre dans un restaurant de sushi japonais.

Ce bar à sushis sert des sushis à un prix moyen.

Ce bar à sushis est un magasin de sushis à Tokyo.

【Japanische Sushi-Bar】

Französische Touristen betreten das japanische Sushi-Restaurant.

Diese Sushi-Bar ist ein Sushi-Restaurant in Tokio. Sie können vollwertiges Sushi zu

sehr beliebten Preisen essen.

【Суши-бар в Токио】

Французские туристы заходят в японский суши-


Этот суши-бар является суши-рестораном в


Вы можете есть полноценные суши по очень

популярным ценам.