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【Military Breakfast】US Military Breakfast-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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The Secret of the US Army-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

From now on,

let’s look into the American Army’s breakfast.

US military logistics is the world’s best.

And the secret of the strength of the US military is in these warm meals.

To fight the US military,

we can not win against war unless we are an army that can eat more meals.

This video was taken of the landscape prepared for breakfast in the outdoor kitchen of Fort- Pork, Louisiana.


the US soldiers are not satisfied with this meal.


compared with the troops of developing countries,

the rice of the US military is the level to be posted in the Michelin Guide.

【Breakfast of the 25th Infantry Division】

Do you volunteer with the US Army?







【Petit déjeuner militaire américain】

Je ne peux pas gagner les États-Unis à moins de prendre plus de calories.

C’est une vidéo de la vie quotidienne de l’armée américaine.


Es ist eine Videoaufnahme des täglichen Lebens des US-Militärs.

Bewerben Sie sich von der deutschen Armee nach Deutschland?

【Американский военный завтрак】

Я представляю американский военный завтрак.

Вы добровольно из России в армию США?

Как только вы подадите заявку,

президент Путин рассердится.