【Fishing in the Dirty River】Fishing a Carp with Bread!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Fishing a Carp with Bread-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

In Japan,

there are many people who fishing carp in the Groove river in urban areas.

The bait is bread.

In the river of Japan,

we release a lot of carp to control water quality.

If the carp swimming in the river dies,

it is evidence that toxic substances are in the river.

Koi(Carp) was a valuable source of protein for Japanese people,

but now there is no such status.

This time,

the video to introduce is a picture of a scene of fishing carp in the Groove
river in the urban area.

The hero is a middle-aged father of a Japanese who seems to come out as a
villain of 007.
By the way,
there are many places where fishing is prohibited in rivers in urban areas.
Can you catch carp easily with bread alone?

Carp fishing is really fun!


【Fish Carp in Dirty River】

James Bond will not beat him too …


× Dogu-river

〇 Dirty-river




【Fischkarpfen im Dogu Fluss】

Ich werde Brot backen und den Karpfen fischen.

Natürlich werde ich es nicht essen.

【Carpe de poisson dans la rivière Dogu】

Je vais nourrir le pain et pêcher une carpe.

Si un Français,

pêchons une carpe avec du pain français.

【Рыба-карп в реке Догу】

Я буду ловить карпа в реке Догу в
Приманка, я использую хлеб.