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【Delicious Meat Dish】Japanese Luxury Barbecue Restaurant-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Eat Luxury Grilled Meat-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Japanese Wagyu boasts the best taste in the world.

But in Japan,

meat dish culture is shallow.


there is not much kind of meat dish.

In 1945,

after the war with the US ended,

a lot of illegal immigrants entered Japan from the Korean Peninsula,

which was the former dominated territory.

They started a yakiniku shop in Japan because of the carnivorous culture unlike

Japanese people.

The offspring of illegal immigrants taught the Japanese the taste of meat dishes.

Yakiniku(Grilled meat) is a very popular gourmet in Japan.

This time,

the animation to introduce,

such a high-class Japanese beef will be eaten at a luxury grilled meat store by

Americans.Americans are good for meat dishes.

But if such Americans eat Wagyu too …

【But if such Americans eat Wagyu too …】

【叙々苑】外国人と旨すぎ高級焼肉ランチ!/ Eating Best Japanese BBQ in Tokyo!

In addition,

the barbecue restaurant introduced here is a high-end store.

The name of the shop is a 叙々苑(JYO-JYO-EN).

When you came to Japan, let’s eat Wagyu in a high-end grilled meat shop.

Furthermore, grilled meat is burned by myself, unlike teppanyaki.





【Magasin de viande grillé de luxe japonais 】

Les Américains mangent du bœuf japonais dans un magasin de viande grillé de luxe


Le nom du magasin est 叙々苑(JYO-JYO-EN).

【Japanischer Luxus gegrillte Fleischerei】

Amerikaner essen japanisches Rindfleisch im japanischen Luxus-Fleischladen.

Der Name des Shops ist 叙々苑(JYO-JYO-EN) .

Jeder in Deutschland kommt bitte nach Japan.

【Ешьте японскую вагью】

Американцы едят японскую говядину в

японском магазине мяса на гриле.

Название этого магазина 叙々苑(JYO-JYO-EN) .

Высококачественная говядина Wagyu? Я не могу

есть даже японцы.