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【Asia’s Tension】 North Korean Army of Shock!North Korean Military Integrated Fire Power Exercise -Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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North Korean military's integrated thermal power exercise in 2017-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Currently Asia is nervous.

Even now, the East-West Cold War remains in the Far East.

Especially the Korean Peninsula is dangerous even in the peaceful mood of ethnic groups.

China and Russia’s speculation want to eliminate the influence of the United States.

North Korea wants to preserve its own system.

I want to avoid war Korea and Japan.


the waves of the era call for war on the Korean Peninsula.

If North Korea has full-fledged nuclear weapons,

that threat will extend to Beijing.


if we recognize the possession of nuclear weapons of North Korea,

the influence will also be spread to the Middle East.

In such a severe international situation,

North Korea conducted the largest military exercise in the past in 2017.

North Korea is the poorest country,

but its military strength can not be minded.

Take Korea as hostage,

maintain weapons half a century ago,

have nuclear …

If it comes to an emergency,

North Korea will lose the war.

But its sacrifice is great. Korea is ruined and Japan is confused.

And, Korean soldiers in the US Armed Forces in Japan will die many.

No one wants such a mess.

【North Korean military’s integrated thermal power training 2017 】

This military exercise was carried out by changing the schedule to fire missiles to

Guam by American pressure.

North Korea remodels and uses weapons manufactured in the Soviet era.

The weapons of the North Korean Army are old-fashioned from the Soviet Union,

but they are operated and deployed by studying the Gulf War,

the Iraq War and others.

In addition to that,

there are missile units capable of annihilating Japan with the largest US military base in the Far East.

The crisis is approaching before our eyes.

【Military exercises between the Korean army and the US forces in Korea】

Korea and the US forces in Korea are also training for this North Korean military


If an emergency occurs on the Korean Peninsula,

the capital of Korea will be destroyed in three days.

【金正恩的一般火练习 】




【Die allgemeine Feuerübung von Kim Jong-en】

Dieses Video ist eine umfassende thermische Übung der nordkoreanischen Armee,

die den Druck der Vereinigten Staaten im Jahr 2017 ausübt.

Die nordkoreanische Armee wird verfeinert. Und wir schätzen Waffen der ehemaligen


Asien ist jetzt im Zeitalter der Turbulenzen.

【Exercice général d’incendie de Kim Jong-en】

L’Asie est maintenant à l’ère de la turbulence.

Cette vidéo a été prise sur l’exercice militaire mené par l’armée nord-coréenne en


L’armée nord-coréenne chérit soigneusement les armes de l’ère soviétique.

Et nous développons des armes nucléaires puissantes.

Les troupes coréennes et les forces américaines en Corée ont effectué des exercices

militaires pour contrer cet exercice.

【Ким Чен ен по огню】

Это видео о комплексных учениях по стрельбе,

проведенных северокорейской армией,

страной-спутником России,

в 2017 году Корейские войска и силы США в Корее

провели военные учения для противодействия


В настоящее время военный баланс в Азии

становится нестабильным.