【Secret of Beauty】I Will teach Japanese Secrets of Women! Release Sexual Appeal!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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I am disclosing the Secret of a Japanese Woman-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

If you are a man you will fall in love with a Japanese woman.

Japan is a competitive society.

In such Japan,

competition awareness will appear on various places and scenes.

Especially Japanese women put effort into make-up.

Unlike women in the Korean Peninsula, Japanese women do not shape.

But makeup is done thoroughly.

For that reason,

Japanese beauty products are only the first-rate items in the world.

Japanese women spend time and money paying attention to their face.

In Japan,

even elementary school students make up makeup.

This time, the video to introduce is taken of such a transformation of a Japanese


Do you believe?

【I’m in love with a Japanese woman】

【2018】毎日メイク〜女子ってほんと大変〜Everyday Makeup

Make-up is a female weapon.

Let’s fall in love with a Japanese woman.







【Liebe in einer japanischen Frau】

Japanische Frauen kämpfen miteinander.

Make-up ist eine weibliche Waffe.

Kommen wir nach Japan und verlieben wir uns in japanische Frauen.

【Le secret des femmes au Japon 】

Venez au Japon et tombons amoureux des femmes japonaises.

Au Japon,

une femme met l’accent sur le maquillage.

Les cosmétiques japonais se vantent d’une des meilleures qualités au monde.

【Знаю женщин в Японии】

Японка превращается с макияжем.

Макияж – самое большое оружие для японок.