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【The Best Four-Wheel Drive】Fishing! Jimny! Four-Wheel Drive! Run through the Mountains-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Soul World
Japanese Solo Camp-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Countryside of Japan.

One middle-aged father skips the jimny.

He loves freedom.

Four-wheel drive, mountain road, sake, fishing …

Such a middle-aged father aims for a fishing spot with Jimny.

Secure bed and eat delicious food.

He puts money on equipment.

This movie was taken of such a mysterious angler.

In Japan,

Nature is rich.

If you fly a car from an urban area, you can put it in the mountains in a few hours.

In Japan ‘s mountains,

wild boar, bear, deer, wasp, poisonous snake, suicide, youkai(Apparition) are hidden.

Recent Japan is also seriously depopulated.

There are also many waste villages.

To be honest, solo camps in the mountains have the courage.

A bad boy in Japan also makes bad things in the mountains.

Japanese camper can not possess guns, so if something happens …

Then please enjoy the video.

【Solo camp & fishing】

Characteristic of Japanese campers,

we spend money on tools.

And there are many nervous people.

The car that comes out in the movie is Suzuki’s Jimny.

Jimny is a lightweight and runs through narrow Japanese forest roads.

【Jimny of Suzuki / PV】

Jimny runs on a narrow street in Japan.

The snow road is also good.

It is a victory in the mountain road.

Jimny is a long seller of Suzuki.

【Jimny’s TVCM】


Jimny made a model change.

It is a narrow alley but it is a strong ally of outdoor.






【Camp solo japonais】

C’est une vidéo d’un camp solo japonais.Les Japonais sont dégoûtés de leur vie avec les autres et aiment les camps solo.Pêche, jimny, montagne derrière, salle à manger, profiter d’une personne.

【Japanisches Solo-Camp 】

Ein Japaner, der die Einsamkeit liebt, spielt solo in den Bergen.

Ich genieße Fischen, Jimny, Mahlzeiten und eine Person.

In Japan nehmen entvölkerte Dörfer aufgrund der Entvölkerung zu.

【Одинокий японец】

Это видеозапись японского сольного


Наслаждайтесь едой,



саке и Джимни Сузуки в одиночестве.

Одинокий японец устал от светской жизни и

одиноких лагерей.