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【Air Force of the World】 The Legendary Russian Fighter! Local Fighter Aircraft of the Soviet Era!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Air Weapons in the World-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

During the Soviet era, Russia developed the ultimate fighter plane.

This fighter aircraft made a big success in the Vietnam War.

The name of the fighter that bothered the United States is MIG – 21.

Lightweight aircraft, speed exceeding Mach,

Operability …

And ease of maintenance,

high maneuverability and the best fighter.

And this fighter plane was exported to developing countries a lot.

MIG – 21,

made more than half a century ago,

is also active in Eastern Europe, Middle East and Asia.

For China,

I studied this MIG – 21 and developed a lot of fighter planes.

Cheap, good performance fighter!


this fighter also has disadvantages.

First of all,

because the aircraft is small,

I can not get enough fuel.

And the amount of weapons loaded is also small.

From that,

it is a fighter that has a short cruising distance and no firepower.


although it is capable as a local fighting aircraft,

it is not all weather type.

Especially because the load capacity is small,

we will not install high-performance radar.

The basic structure of fighter aircraft is good.

However, it has no applied power.


MIG – 21 is a fighter aircraft that built one age.

If you use strategy and tactics even in contemporary warfare,

MIG – 21 will be the best weapon.




MIG – 21 is an old aircraft and will lose if you fight against Mig 29 on F16 and Mirage

2000 in the air.

The current MIG-21 possessing countries (parts of India,

Pakistan and Eastern European countries) have improved mobility by improving

performance improvement type radar,

fuel tank size, diversification of mounted weapons,

digitization of steering system, etc.

Although we can not expect improvement,

we operate a fighter whose combat capability has been upgraded to each stage.

【传说中的俄罗斯战士 】




【Шедевр истребитель】

МИГ-21 – российский истребитель,

представляющий советскую эпоху.

MIG – 21 – это дешевый,



который легко маневрировать и обслуживать.

И это гордость россиян.

【Avion de chasse de chef-d’œuvre russe】

MIG-21 est un chef-d’œuvre produit par la Russie.

À l’époque soviétique,

ce combattant menaçait la zone du libéralisme.


MIG-21 est un avion de chasse local.

【Russisches Meisterwerk Kampfflugzeug】

Es ist eine Zahl von MIG = 21,

die auch in den neuen Bundesländern eingesetzt wird.

Dieses Kampfflugzeug wurde in sowjetisch dominierten Gebieten auf der ganzen Welt


Die umgebaute MIG-21 fliegt immer noch in den Himmel.