【Fishing Culture in Japan】 Fishing with a Drought Stream-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Fishing with a drought stream-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Summer in Japan is hot.

In Japan,

there is such a person entering the summer hot mountains,

fishing in a mountain stream.

Summer mountains are full of poisonous snakes, mosquitoes, bears, and hornets.


anglers lose the temptation of mountain streams and enter the mountains.

Summer drought streams are fun and fun places as fishing spots.

The movie to introduce this time was taken of fishing at such a mountain stream.

Japan has many mountains, mountain streams are rapids.

In Japan, you can enjoy fishing and lantern at the same time.

In this movie,

I will fight with rockfish in such a mountain stream.

The skill of an angler taking this video is top notch.

I grab the stream flow.

As you can see,

attractive nature is rich in Japan.

The fishing culture in Japan is deep.

【Fishing with a Drought Stream 】

2018-7/30 渓流flyfishing 渇水の狭い支流に大イワナ

After entering the mountain on a hot summer day,

cold beer after fighting with fish would be exceptional.






【Deutsche Erklärung 】

Der Sommer in Japan ist heiß. Warum erlebst du es nicht?

So, am Sommertag betreten Sie den Berg und fischen Sie im Bergbach.

【Commentaire français 】

Chaude journée d’été.

Entrer dans la montagne et pêcher.

Je vais me battre avec un poisson dans un torrent de écheresse.

【Русский комментарий 】

Я буду бороться с рыбой в потоке засухи.

Лето в Японии жаркое.

Введите летние горы,

рыба в опасности.

В горах есть медведи,

ядовитые змеи, осы и комары.

Рыбалка – опасный вид спорта.