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【Air Force of the World】Protect Japanese Sky! Japan’s Aviation Force-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Japan's aviation force-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The sky in Japan is wide.


Japan is defending the sky by buying fighter aircraft from the United States.

The enemy countries of Japan are Russia, China, North Korea.

But in Japan there is no army.


the SDF(Self Defense Force) is defending Japan.

And it is the Air Self Defense Force that protects the sky of Japan.


Japan confronts the Chinese Air Force which became a military power.

However, Air Self Defense Force’s fighter aircraft are often old-fashioned and lost to Chinese fighter planes.

For this reason, the Air Self Defense Force is currently enhancing its air force.


the Air Self Defense Force is purchasing and deploying stealth fighter aircraft from the United States.

Therefore, the video to introduce this time was taken of the daily life of the Air Self Defense Force.

Japan is threatened by Russia in the north, North Korea in the west, and the Chinese army.

Japan is never a peaceful country.

【Protecting our Peaceful Sky】

引用元:(航空自衛隊チャンネル-JASDF Official Channel

I can put a dark cloud in the sky of Asia.

Protect the heart wishing for peace.





【Einführung in die deutsche Sprache】

Es ist ein Einführungsfilm der Air Self Defense Force,

die den Himmel Japans verteidigt.

Japan steht vor militärischen Herausforderungen aus China,

Russland und Nordkorea.

【Commentaire français】

Le Japon subit des défis militaires de la part de la Chine,

de la Russie et de la Corée du Nord.

Cette vidéo a été prise de la vie quotidienne de la force de défense aérienne autonome qui défend le ciel du Japon.

【Это русский】

Это ежедневная рутина Воздушных сил


защищающая небо Японии. Сегодня Япония

находится под угрозой таких военных держав,

как Россия и Китай.

И японцы желают мира.