【Military Power of the World】Road to the Reconstruction of the Japanese Navy-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Reconstruction of the Japanese Navy-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

In Japan,the four sides of the country are surrounded by the sea.
Japan lost the war with the United States and abandoned the military power.
There is no army in Japan.


the Self Defense Force which has devoted to exclusive defense guards Japan.
The SDF is a sleeper lion.And now,
Asian military balance collapsed, lion is about to wake up.

there is no hospital ship in the SDF.
And the number of ammo is also insufficient.
many citizens do not want rearmament.

The era of military power is over.
However no matter how we advocate peace is useless.
The country has to prepare for emergency in order to protect citizens.

this time,

the video to introduce is the PR movie of the Maritime Self Defense Force which
protect the sea of ​​Japan.

This is a movie mainly made for domestic use.

in Japan,

serious birthrate and aging population drastically reduces applicants to the SDF !
Japan’s national defense is in a serious condition.
Moreover, the Maritime Self – Defense Force has many bullying and scandals,
and there is no choice.

However, the Maritime Self Defense Force is fighting for the Japanese people every
day, while holding various problems.

The Japanese knows.

Misery to lose the war …


Please come and sit on the sofa and enjoy the videos with beer as well.


At first glance it is a strong fleet.


without cooperation with the US Navy it is brittle maritime strength.


Asia-Pacific has entered the age of force.

The future of Asia …



【Deutsche Erklärung】

Spezialisierte Verteidigung,

das Schiff der Maritime Self Defense Force,

um das Land zu schützen

【Commentaire français】

La marine chinoise,

la marine russe,

la défense japonaise menacée par des missiles nord-coréens.

Protection de la force maritime d’autodéfense qui protège la mer d’un pays sans armée

【Русская аннотация】

Россия, Северная Корея, китайский флот.

Оффшорная боевая мощь страны без армии!