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Air Force of the World-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Do you all know? The main fighter of the French Air Force is Mirage.

After the war,

France employed Nazi · German engineers as a victorious country and made excellent

fighter aircraft.

The 21st century is an era of unmanned fighter planes.


in developed countries,

pilots can not be restructured,

so a manned aircraft is still a mainstay force.

This trend seems to continue for decades.

This time,

the video to introduce is the picture taken by the French army Mirage-2000 flying in

the sky.

Mirage-2000 is a fighter with high speed and high attack power.

Dassault Mirage – 2000 is a fighter manufactured by Dassault Aviation.

The feature of this fighter plane is multi-roll,

single engine. It is a 4th generation jet fighter.

Mirage – 2000 was designed as a lightweight fighter based on Mirage – III for the

French Air Force in the late 1970 ‘s.

Mirage-2000 is also exported abroad.

And the movie to introduce this time is the image of the movie “Les Chevaliers Du


Excitement to Mirage – 2000 dancing lightly in the sky

【Les Chevaliers Du Ciel 】

Mirage 2000 in Action

And the French can make high performance fighters in their country.

That is amazing.

Let’s watch this video while drinking cold beer at home.

【中文解释 】


【Commentaire français 】

C’est une vidéo qui présente le chasseur principal de l’armée de l’air française.

【Deutsche Erklärung】

Es ist ein Video, das den Hauptkämpfer der französischen Luftwaffe vorstellte.

【Русский комментарий 】

Это видео,

которое представил главный истребитель ВВС