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The Soul World
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Do you know rock bands shaking the world?
That rock band is unknown in the United States but boasts an explosive popularity outside the United States.
They have the soul of the Edo period before Japan modernized.
The Edo era is the feudal age of Japan that lasted 260 years.
The capital of that era is the current Tokyo.
The Edo period is the era of the Tokugawa shogunate.
The Tokugawa family dominated Japan with military power and power not found in the Emperor.
KABUKI – ROCKS has revived the soul of such Edo period to the present age.
In 1990,KABUKI – ROCKS announced the song “O – EDO” and conquered the Japanese music chart.
And the times have changed,
so many people are still asking this slumper.
When viewing this movie, please maximize the volume volume.
And be sure to shout “O – EDO”.
They express the world of Kabuki.
KABUKI – ROKS is the best from America ‘s K – rock band Kiss.
Let’s cry to “O-EDO” in front of the Imperial Palace after you came to Japan.
Also, if you want to motivate Japanese women sing “O – EDO”.


The world view of “O-EDO” announced in 1990 shocked the world


This rock band is KABUKI – ROCKS.
It is not SEIKIMA – Ⅱ or Kiss.
Anyway,let’s listen to “O-EDO” with loud tremor.
This song was announced in 1990.
I sing men and women’s romance in the Edo period.
It’s just a secret here.
If you listen to this song before you buy a lottery,
it will be easier to win a high prize.
please listen to “O-EDO” many times until you win a lot in the lottery.

【日本摇滚乐 】

KABUKI – ROCKS是日本的代表性摇滚乐队。

【Japanischer Rock】

Dieser Songtitel ist “O-EDO”.
die repräsentative Rockband Japans, singt.
Sie singen Nostalgie für die feudale Zeit in der Tokugawa-Ära.

【Commentaire français】

Le titre de cette chanson est “O-EDO”. KABUKI – ROCKS,
le groupe de rock représentatif du Japon,
Et ils chantent la nostalgie de la période féodale à l’époque

【 Русский комментарий 】

Название этой песни “O-EDO”.
которая является представителем рок-группы
Японии, поет.
И они поют ностальгию по феодальному периоду
в эпоху Токугава.

【Japanse rockmuziek】

Een rockband die de jaren 90 van Japan vertegenwoordigt!


1.お江戸 / O-EDO
2.カブキロックス / KABUKI-ROCKS
3.歌舞伎 / KABUKI