【Fishing Culture in Japan】Make Carp Fillets! Japanese Traditional Technique-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Eat carp-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The Japanese have eaten carp from ancient times.

And carp is also a dedication to God.

This time,

the video to introduce is a picture that understands the relationship between carp and


A cook who stands at the top of Japanese cuisine is a one serving handling carp.

In Japan, which is a rice cultural culture,

carps were always swimming in rice fields.


in contemporary Japanese rice field,

the carp is not swimming.

Rice field is managed by scientific farming method.

In a rice field with a lot of pesticide content,

the carp can not live.


in the rice paddies of the past,

a lot of carp were swimming.

Koi(Carp) is also the god who controls fertility.

Such a picture which handles sacred fish is an impression.

【 How to filet Carp】

鯉(こい)のさばき方 – How to filet Carp -|日本さばけるプロジェクト

This is Japanese craftsmanship.

Although Japan has such a tradition,


the culture of eating carp is obsolete.


1.鯉(Koi) / Carp

2.さばき方 / How to handle



【Deutsche Erklärung】

Traditionelle japanische Kunst,

wie man mit Karpfen umgeht

【Commentaire français】

Nous présentons l’artisanat japonais,

la manipulation de la carpe,

la cuisine traditionnelle japonaise

【Русский комментарий】

Мы представляем японское мастерство,

как обращаться с карпом,

традиционные японские блюда.