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【Japanese Fishing Culture】 Lonely Fishing! Fish in a Mountain Stream of Early Spring-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Mountain stream fishing on early spring mountainsTokyo Fortune Telling-

Japan is a snowy country.

Japanese anglers go fishing in the spring to fish that endured the winter.

Walk along the mountain road and climb up the river.

Fishermen love solitude.



deers, boars, youkai(Apparition),

and suicides are lurking in the mountains of Japan.


when you enter the mountains of Japan you can feel the wild.

This time,

the animation to introduce is a hero as a solitary angler.

I enjoy early spring where snow began to melt.

Rock fish,

Yamame(Trout) are waiting for him.

Fishing tackle is lure.

Let’s focus on delicate techniques.

【Fishing a mountain stream of early spring】

Japanese Mountain Stream Lure Fishing

Slowly walking around the mountains

Sound of the river

Nature of Japan

The world in which God resides

Luxurious loneliness

Time to unleash yourself.

Good beer and grilled fish are also the best.





【Deutscher Kommentar】

Ich fische auf dem Berg des frühen Frühlings.

Reiche Einsamkeit, angenehme Bergwanderung

【Commentaire français】

Je pêche sur la montagne du début du printemps.

Richesse de la solitude,

agréable randonnée en montagne

【Весенняя рыбалка】

Я занимаюсь рыбалкой на горе ранней весны.

Мы представляем богатое одиночество,

приятную горную прогулку,

японскую рыбную культуру.