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From a long time Japanese people do carp fishing.

From ancient times,

carp was a precious protein.

In the past,

Japan cultivated carp in rice field for rice culture.


after the war,

scientific farming methods were imported from the United States,

so carps can not swim in rice fields.

And in modern Japan,

I could not eat carp.

Modern Japanese misunderstand carp.

Dirty fish swimming Groove river…

It is a really sad story.

It is said that carp becomes a dragon in Chinese legend.

In Japan of a long time ago,

I cherish carp.


some people cherish carp in modern Japan.

It is not an expensive Nishikigoi but an ordinary carp.


fishing carp in pond or river.

And eat raised carp.

The carp which swims the place where the water is beautiful is very tasty.

The Japanese make miso soup of koi( carp ),

or make it sweet.

These are eaten as modern Japanese as a traditional Japanese

food.Koi’s sashimi is especially delicious.

This is a sashimi made of carp and water carp in a controlled place and a carp

swimming in a clean place.

It is freshwater fish sashimi.

For that reason,

we apply special undertreatment.

And eat it with sweet,

spicy and mustard.

I call this carp sashimi a carp wash.

The movie to introduce this time is a picture of how to eat Japanese carp fishing and


In the movie,

I fish carp in an ordinary river in Japan and eat it as it is.

Koi is a Japanese culture.

【Eat fishing carp】

鯉を釣って食う 怖い美味いお刺身だ! River-fishing Catch & Eat


1.鯉(koi)/ Carp

2.怖い / Scared

3.旨い / Delicious





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