【Darkness of the US Marines 】 US military confidential disclosure ! It is Popular in US Forces in Japan!-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Being popular in US forces in Japan-Tokyo Fortune Telling-
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In 2018, some music became popular in Japan.
That song title is “USA”.
This song was covered by the Japanese by Italian singer Joe Yellow song.And,covering this song is the DA PUMP of the hip-hop group from Okinawa Prefecture
where US forces stationed in Japan stay.
This me-ha song is a lyrics that interweaves relationships between men and women and anti-Americanism.
Let ‘s hear from the original song.
Joe Yellow is cool.
Next,let’s ask the USA of DA PUMP of the hip-hop group from Okinawa Prefecture in Japan.
The whole nation, the whole earth becomes numb.
By the way,
lead vocal of DA PUMP is a quarter with Americans.


The world is enthusiastic.And this song is popular in the US Army in Japan.All US forces in Japan are dancing in violation of military rules.
Is this something sick?

【USA / US forces in Japan】

However, USA is an unnamed song in the whole country.
By all means,
those who read this blog post, please spread this song.
There is only one rule to listen to this song.
That is dancing.
If you do not dance, you will be arrested by a gendarmyr.
Finally,70% of US forces in Japan are concentrated in Okinawa Prefecture in Japan.
The Italian sings and the Japanese covers.
What is the true meaning hidden in this song?