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【An American who is Shocked】 Eat Sushi at a Japanese Restaurant-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Americans are shocked -Tokyo Fortune Telling-

The American who visited Japan was shocked.

『 Is this Japanese sushi? 』

Tuna, crab, egg etc are sushi which can be eaten even in America.


natto or sea urchin can only be eaten at a Japanese sushi shop.

In the movie to introduce this time,

ordinary Americans receive shock by eating natto or sea urchins.

By the way,

these sushi have a short history in Japan too.Sea urchins are high-grade since long



natto is the beginning of rotating sushi.As for natto,

it is not served at a high-class sushi restaurant in Japan.

Also, many Japanese are poor at sea urchins and natto.

Well, what kind of experience do Americans do?

Come and watch the video Let’s also come to Japan and eat sushi.

納豆、ウニ、いくら、穴子をアメリカ人が食す!リアルな反応!/ America eat Sushi, Natto, Sea urchin..something unusual.

This video is published on YouTube .

Sushi is a gourmet originated in Japan.


there are many people who are not good at sashimi and sushi even in Japanese.