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【Americans are Shocked】The Secret of McDonald’s in Japan-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Compare Japanese and US McDonald's-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

From now on, the video you show will introduce McDonald’s in Japan.

The introducer is unfamiliar with English, but he teaches the characteristics of

Japanese McDonald ‘s hard.

The Japanese love McDonald’s. Especially people in Tokyo often breakfast at


In Japan,

there is the word McDonald’s in the morning.

McDonald ‘s in Japan is high in quality but small in quantity.


as soon as you order at the counter,

A hamburger comes out.

Come and come to Japan and let’s have a meal at McDonald’s in Japan.

And recently, McDonald ‘s in Japan became a smoke – free.

There were many young people in the customer base of McDonald’s in the past.



there are many middle-aged and elderly.

Because the smoking cessation came,

the customer base improved.

【McDonald’s in Japan】

Japanese McDonald's/ アメリカと日本のマクドナルド