【Shock Military Car】Toyota’s HMMWV-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

We will introduce the high mobility multi-purpose wheelbarrows developed by

Toyota Motor Corporation.

Higher mobility multi purpose wheeled vehicles are famous for American



at present,

vehicles developed independently in Japan are also deployed in China.

In Japan, HMMWV used in the Ground Self Defense Force was developed by

Toyota Motor Corporation.

This HMMWV’s name is Mega Cruiser.

When it appeared it was also called “Japanese Hammer” from its size and



mega cruisers are not SUV-like cars for general consumers.Therefore,

ordinary people can not purchase.

It has very high performance and many confidential matters.

It is a Self-Defense Force goods item, you can change the tire pressure from

inside the tire.A concept car was exhibited in 1993, and it has been deployed

since 1996.However, mega cruiser is ineligible for Japanese road



the mega cruiser has a duty to take pride in the Japanese people.

【Toyota Mega Cruiser 】

陸上自衛隊第1師団 高機動車(トヨタメガクルーザー) による機動展示における訓練展示 陸上自衛隊第1師団創立55周年/ 練馬駐屯地66周年記念行事

However, although I do not see this car in Japan, I run a lot in foreign countries.

Moreover, in Russia!

【Toyota Mega Cruiser 2015】

Toyota Mega Cruiser 2015 (*3)

The SDF’s Mega Cruiser is extremely popular in Russia.

Mega Cruiser is small turning, has few failures, good fuel economy.