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You go on a trip to japan
You meet fate
You know the world
Japan wartet auf dich
Le Japon vous attend
Япония ждет тебя

【The truth of the SDF】Integrated Thermal Power Exercises of the Japanese Army-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Ground Self Defense Force mechanized division-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Integrated thermal power exercises of the Ground Self Defense Force.

Комплексные теплоэнергетические учения Сухопутных сил самообороны.

Exercices thermiques intégrés de la Force d’autodéfense terrestre.

Integrierte thermische Kraftübungen der Ground Self Defense Force.



Every year in Japan,

the SDF exercises will be held at the foot of Mount Fuji.

By the way there is no army in Japan. Instead,

I have a Self Defense Force.

The Self Defense Force maintains fighting strength with land, sea and air.

Such a Self Defense Force will do a total thermal exercise once a year.

This time, the video to introduce was done on August 26, 2018.

This exercise will be held at the foot of Mt. Fuji, which is representative of Japan.

integrated thermal power exercise?

It is not a war, but shoots a shell,so the Ministry of Finance criticized Japan in fiscal difficulties.

The tank division that comes out in this exercise is the elite unit of the Ground Self Defense Force. Every year Japanese people are touched by the exact unmatched shooting of this tank division.Recently the situation surrounding Japan is straining.

However, the Japanese are relieved because there is a SDF. In addition, the tank division of the Ground Self Defense Force is training in the United States. By all means, please enjoy the videos that the Ground Self Defense Force is practicing while drinking beer.

【Total thermal power exercise in 2020】

【Nighttime general thermal power exercise for 2020】

*The above video is a movie shot in 4K.