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【England Shock】 Gourmet in Japan-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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England ShockTokyo Fortune Telling-

The Englishman who came to Japan was shocked.


foreign tourists are on the rise in Japan.Japan is a fun country.

And in Tokyo and Osaka you can eat food all over the world.Japan is similar to the UK,

and the four sides are surrounded by the sea. However, from the UK,

the ingredients are abundant.


Japan is a long-term depression,

but for foreigners who are visiting Japan,

prices are cheap and fun country.

Especially Japanese taverns can enjoy sake, beer, sashimi, fried foods, yakitori, etc.

at low price.


Japanese people are also in a downturn because of the bad economy.

It is Foreigners who visit Japan to fill that gap.

Especially in Tokyo,

tavern culture is mature and there are many interesting shops.

In the movie to introduce this time,

English tourists will appear.

From a Japanese,

the pub introduced in this video is an ordinary store.

If you are coming to Japan,

let’s go to a tavern with good sashimi.

Every day,

shops sashimi is good, t

hey buy fish in the central market.

There is also a direct sending.

The shop that puts emphasis on the ingredients whose freshness is life is a good


Well, have you bought a ticket to Japan?

イングランド人カップルが居酒屋で日本食の虜に!焼き鳥、日本酒/ Japanese Sake and Grilled Chicken!