【Japanese Fishing】 Pleasure of Mountain Stream Fishing-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Japanese Stream Fishing-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

Japanese people like to fish.

In Japan, the four sides are surrounded by the sea. And 70% of the countryis

a mountain and many mountain streams.


mountain stream fishing.

is flourishing from long ago.There is no gentle river in Honshu (mainland),

other than Hokkaido, such as the West,

the continent.

However, as you enter the mountains,

there are many beautiful rivers,


Yamame(Trout) and

Iwana(Rock-fish)are swimming.

Japanese fishing l

overs attack on their own points on holidays.

And Japanese fishing lovers are craftsmen’s skin,

they do not flock so much.

Unlike Westerners, Japanese do not aim for standardization.

This is the merit of Japanese people,

it is also a bad aspect of Japanese people.

Japanese fishermen have many individualists who rely on their own experience.

Japan is really interesting!

The following movie is taken in the summer,

fishing at a drought stream.If you watch this video,

you will know the nature of the Japanese.

水の少ない渇水の小渓流 / フライフィッシング

Japanese fishing rich in nature!

【Commentary on Foreign Languages】

Японская рыбалка богата природой!

Japanisches Fischen reich an Natur!

La pêche japonaise riche en nature!


Pesca japonesa rica en naturaleza!