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US Army invasion alien battle drill-Tokyo Fortune Telling-
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The US Army released a training image on December 12, 2018.

This training assumes terrestrial battle and local battle.When asking those

who are familiar with UFO this purpose of training,

this training seems to have assumed battle with aliens who descended to the

ground.The US Army also seems to be conducting daily training for humanity

defense in the budget reduction.

However, this exercise was done with small arms and tank only equipment.

With this equipment, you can not respond to aliens’ firepower?

Then, what was the training for?

A mystery remains.

【Quote source】https://www.facebook.com/

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We will respond to aggression from different stars with thermal power.

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Be aware of enemy’s energy weapons.

First strike on the spaceship with a special warhead.

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Drive from the side.

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Machine guns are encouraging items.

An alien also can not be minded.

Tension continues.

But there is no fear.

It is us who protect the earth.

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Prevent deployment of aliens with a new machine gun.

A live ammo attack is effective for an alien.

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Battle in the desert exhausts physical strength.

The opponent is an offensive alien.

Do you believe in this training?

This is a secret training of the US Army.

Battle is spreading somewhere in the world today.