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【Enjoy Japan】How to Enjoy Japan-Tokyo Fortune Telling-

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Enjoy JapanTokyo Fortune Telling-

Japan is a safe country.It is safe to walk alone at night.Of course, there are

also many yakuza, pervert, criminals, kidnappers and pre-scholars in

Japan.There are many suspicious cases and missing.However, it is not as high

as the West,

the developing countries.Therefore, Japan seems safe compared with those


If you are thinking about personal trip to Japan, please be relieved.In the city,

there are many police boxes at night, and police officers are patrolling.But in

the area on the side of the Sea of ​​Japan, North Korean agent will kidnap

human.This Japan Sea side area is Niigata, Toyama, Ishikawa, Fukui, Kyoto,

Tottori, Shimane prefecture.Especially foreigners may be easily targeted

because passports are worthwhile.

Well, this is a joke.

However, abductions by North Korean agent are frequent in those areas.f you

want to sightsee in Japan, we recommend using the Japanese railway and

business hotel.There is a business hotel in the Japanese railway, the main

neighborhood neighborhood.Business hotel, Japanese salaryman culture. It is

a convenient hotel that I created Compact and clean rooms, price, breakfast

service, wifi and is really useful.So, you can enjoy Japan by connecting the

railroad and utilizing the business hotel.Let’s pay attention to the salaried

workers who especially eat breakfast service of business hotel.They are

representatives of Japanese workers.